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Dao Labs Herbal Formulas

These herbal formulas work to bring health and harmony to your body. Based on classic TCM formulas (which have never been that tasty!) Dao has created flavours that are more appealing and easily consumed. The packets are mixed with hot or cold water and effervesce to create a tasty herbal drink.

The Dao website also contains recipes, quizzes on which herbs are right for you, and tons of other health and wellness information. 

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The Formulas

Immunity Support

Go to formula for cold and pollen seasons, encourages body to protect against airborne pathogens.

Bounce Back

Treats cold season symptoms of: fever, chills, body aches, sore throat, and nasal congestion. Tablet form.

Breathe Clear

Relieves coughs, reduces phlegm, and soothes throat irritations.

Tablet form.

Digestive Harmony

Promotes immediate and long term digestive health.

Emotional Balance

Offers immediate stress release as well as promotes emotional clarity and calmness.

Women's Formula

Maintains regularity and strength during natural monthly cycles. Also great during postpartum period.

Physical Tranquility

Excellent sleep remedy for the restless and overheated sleeper. Designed to cam and cool the body during the night. Is non-habit forming. 

Mental Tranquility

Great for the stressed sleeper whose mind won't turn off. Helps to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Joint Vitality

A classic formula used to support the lower back and strengthen joints for added mobility. Coconut oil and collagen have also been added for strength, flavour, and vitality. Great in coffee!

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